Fixed: There was a problem resetting your PC error on Windows 10

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If everything is not checked yes, you need to google how to enable BIOS level virtualization for your computer since it varies from device to device. When done, virtualization should now be enabled on your Windows 11 computer. Before you apply the solution we are providing today, make sure you have enabled Virtualization through BIOS. Click on this link to learn more about enabling Virtualization through BIOS on Windows 10 or 11. In the first week of October 2021, Microsoft officially rolled out the stable build of Windows 11.

Set up some security questions and click Next each time. Enable your privacy settings and you’re done. Permalink I recommend using the Start menu’s search feature if you’re looking for a setting or application in particular. Let’s say you need to connect to a VPN—you can just press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Start button and type “vpn.” You’ll see a variety of VPN options in Windows.

Method 1: You use a batch file to activate Windows 10 Pro (32/64 bit)

Linking your Microsoft account with your digital license enables you to reactivate Windows using the Activation troubleshooter whenever you make a significant hardware change. Let’s try to check Windows 11 License Activation process using the Command-Line. You can use a valid product key toactivate Windows 11using multiple methods. Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine and hasn’t been used on more devices than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. The first thing you must check is whether Windows 11 is already activated. In many cases, users go around activating an already registered version of the OS, and that’s why Windows 11 is not accepting the product key.

Bunları Da Beğenebilirsiniz!
  • Perhaps the most important reason to activate Windows 10 is to gain access to its premium features.
  • In addition to activating Windows 10 manually via the Settings menu, you can also activate it with CMD or Command Prompt.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and troubleshoot them using …
  • According to what is mentioned above, we all know that the KMS tools is free and safe.

To restore the PC to factory settings is not a tedious task. However, you must make a note that this reset, which could be refreshing Windows 10 or reinstalling the same, could remove your files and data. You might want to back all of your personal data before starting with the process. There can be many reasons for the factory reset not to always back up the personal files work. You might have to run a System File Check before you can reset this PC.

Remove ‘Activate Windows’ Watermark from Windows 10

Paying for a product key and activating it once means that you now own that copy of Windows 10 according to Digital Entitlement. This means you do not have to activate Windows a second time on your device. On installing a fresh copy of windows, you will be provided with a 30 days free trial of the windows product you are using. The product key helps activate Windows and ensures that it’s a genuine copy not registered on more devices than permitted. But several users have reported that Windows 11 is not accepting their product key. You should get a Windows Script Host message that your device’s product key has been successfully uninstalled.

Another great benefit that Fresh Start option brings is it does keep certain essential Windows Settings to ensure it doesn’t wipe every data, needed for smooth functioning. Step 2- Click the link “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows”. We have included three different ways to factory reset Windows 11. Even if your PC is not booting, you can factory reset your Windows 11 computer using this guide.

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